[CLOSED] U-KISS “Stop Girl” Special Bulk Order Project

HELP U-KISS ON THE CHARTS! The group is coming back with their 7th mini album, STOP GIRL!

As many of you know, U-Kiss’ dream is to win number 1 not only the charts but also music programs in Korea. Now is our chance to make their dreams come true. We are holding this special project for U-KISS fans in America. American fans will be able to buy as many U-KISS albums as they want to help the group on the charts. All albums bought will be directly from Korea and will count on the Hanteo charts.

So, do you want to be one of the KissMe’s that help the amazing group achieve their dream? Order their album with KPOPUSAORDERS and support U-Kiss on the charts.

Be sure to SPREAD THE WORD to all AMERICAN fans. We will only ship in the USA because that way it’ll be cheaper for fans. All information on how to help U-KISS on the charts can be found below.


Artist: U-KISS
Album title:
Release Date: 09-19-2012
Tracks: 7


02. Stop Girl
03. Time To Go
04. Remember (acoustic ver.)
05. Sexy Baby
06. Stop Girl (english ver.)
07. Stop Girl (inst.)

across the USA for 1 album. (email if you are planning on buying more then one to calculate new shipping price)

(Add album price + shipping price for your total)


Fill out the order form »» ORDER FORM ««. Please figure out shipping prices before  before filling out the order form.

PAYMENT METHOD: we will not accept anymore checks or money orders! // we will not give refunds after the deadline because we have already placed your orders. 

  • Concealed cash (email for address:kpopUSAorders@gmail.com) [WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST MONEY IN THE MAIL, if you choose this option, its at your own risk) Also, if you choose this option, please make arrangements to send it about a week before the deadline so we can receive it in time.
  • PayPal kpopUSAorders@gmail.com (personal>payment owed) —please DO NOT leave a note when sending me money, I will know it’s from you. Thank You!

DEADLINE TO ORDER AND PAY: October 15, 2012 (if money is not received by October 15, we will not be including you in the album order)

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to email us at kpopUSAorders@gmail.com!


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