[OPEN] I Love K-POP Box!

This is an EXAMPLE of items you could receive in your box.

This box will include:

  • One (1) unsealed K-POP album in mint condition (may or may not include a pc)
  • Two (2) official Starcard
  • One (1) official Stardium card
  • 4+  postcards
  • 5 Buttons
  • 1 Vinyl Sticker
  • 1 Free Posters (while supplies last)
  • Free glowsticks, balloons, fanmade banner (while supplies last)


  • $35 (includes shipping within the United States)

Payment Options:

  • Paypal (preferred)
  • Venmo (preferred)
  • Private Listing via Ebay
  • Bank Of America Transfer (Chase & BofA customers only)
  • Pick Up (SoCal) – You’ll receive a free gift
  • Pick Up (Credit Card) – Free gift



For any additional questions, email kpopUSAorders@gmail.com. 


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