These are reviews from some who have ordered with us!

  1. I’ve ordered from KpopUSAorders many times and they are really reliable. Not only are you getting your Kpop goodies at affordable prices but getting good customer service. Their prices cannot be beat and is actually cheaper than the K-town stores in Los Angeles. Speaking of which, the stores in K-town (and at most places) sells the CD and poster separately. Luckily for you, if you order from KpopUSAorders, your poster is free if it is still available. HintHint order fast! They do bulk orders when albums are just released and that is the best time to make your order if you want your free poster. If you’re wondering  where you can buy your concert DVDs, guess what, they got that too. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then go ahead and ask these guys and they will try to find it for you. I have nothing bad to say about these guys so send in your requests. ~~Marilynn
  2. Super fast response and friendly. Probably the cheapest place to buy K-Pop CDs and DVDs. Items as described and came in perfect condition ^^ ~~DMace
  3. I always order from KpopUSAorders whenever I need to buy a kpop album because they’re very reliable and they probably have the best price you can find. Also they order regularly so you can ask them to order any album you want. They also let you pick up your albums in person so you don’t have to pay shipping, it’s really convenient especially if you live in SoCal or go there often for kpop concerts. Plus your album will count towards charts! They’re really nice too and they always respond to emails & tweets very quickly. Awesome sellers!^^ ~~ Jocelin
  4. kpopusaorders  has quick accurate service and addresses promptly any questions or issues you might have. Excellent costumer service. ~~ Mimi
  5. I just received my calendars!
    It was so fast, I mean it only took one day to arrive lol
    Everything came in 99% perfect condition!
    I really am grateful for the perfect communication with you too(:
    Thank you so much for everything!
    If I ever have anything in need, I will definitely purchase from you guys again!
    Thank you! ~~ ANA

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11 thoughts on “FEEDBACK

  1. Kpopusaorders is awesome. They always keep you updated on the status of your order which makes me happy because any other site you order from usually only tell you when it’s shipped. They’re also very prompt in addressing any questions you have about your order. Will definitely use them in the future!

  2. Whenever I order from kpopusaorders my items arrive in pristine condition. They prices are very cheap, cheaper than most, if not all, places online and they’re really reliable! The customer service is prompt and very good. I recommend buying from kpoppreorders ~^o^~

  3. Kpopusaorders really beat prices and has amazing customer service. They’re always very informative and fast! Their prices are the best. They are very prompt and they are very approachable! Will continue to use them in the future!

  4. Reliable and friendly customer service! The price are also very reasonable! I love how I can ask them about the order details anytime and have quick response from them. 🙂

  5. First time ordering from kpopusaorders, & I was pleased with their friendliness & open communication. They have very reasonable prices & they are reliable. I will definitely order again!

  6. First Time Ordering From kpopusaorders and DANG! It was FAST, efficient, and reliable. I recommend this K-pop ordering site for first time K-pop orderings. I really like how everything comes 100% in perfect condition. They’re very reasonable, and nice people to order from especially if you have lots of questions.

  7. im just getting to this now but i ordered a poster – it came in perfectly.i had a bunch of questions when ordering and they answered patiently,which i was happy about haha i would order again some time ^_^ they also keep you updated with when they send your order out,etc.

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